10 decorative proposals with innovate carpets

A carpet could be the perfect decorative accessory in your home.

Carpets provide colour and warmth to any space whenever you choose appropriate carpet and it will be placed correctly.

In this article we would like to propose today, ten forms to decorate your home with innovate carpets.

 1. Bring your living room to life!

Bring your living room


If neutral colours prevail in your living room, both in walls and in pieces of furniture, a carpet could help you to bring it to life with a special touch.

Choose a carpet with a considerable size, bright colours and attract attention design. All eyes will be on it.

2. Divide and rule

decorative carpets


Carpets are usually used to divide areas and stand out those spaces that you love in your home.

A carpet can help you to separate different areas in your living room and you can create different environments in the same room. Do you dare to check it?

3. Dinning room carpets

Dinning room carpets


Carpets habitually are used in dining room because of they protect floor from chairs and tables movements. In addition, they provide warmth and help to divide this house space.

Our PVC carpets are very innovate and indicate for this type of rooms. They protect floor, do not scratch and, above all, you can clean it easily.

Are you afraid about a wine glass can spill into your new carpet? With our antique tiles carpets you can forget this problem.

4. Round carpets

Round carpets


You can forget traditional carpets. Nowadays, there are much more innovate carpet concepts that will give your home a happiness touch.

Round carpets are the latest decorative trend. They can adapt to any spaces, both large and small areas. In addition, they are perfect for any decorative type.

5. Decorate your wall

Decorate your wall


Who said that carpets are just for floors? A carpet can turn into wonderful decorative element to your wall.

There are carpets whose designs are real work of art. Why not do you use them like a picture? Carpet size or type is not important, all of them can be marvelous if you choose the perfect place. In addition, they can disguise damages in your wall.

6. Vinyl carpets

Vinyl carpets


Vinyl carpets are increasingly popular because of they have significant advantages over traditional carpets. They do not collect dust, do not scratch and you can clean it just with a wet cloth. Do you want any more?

You can choose from hundreds of vinyl carpet models, from the most classic to the most avant-garde.

If you want a traditional design with a renew touch, you have to see our antique tile carpets. They will fascinate you.

7. A carpet in your kitchen

A carpet in your kitchen


Can I have a carpet in the kitchen? Of course.

Nowadays, thanks to new materials like PVC, you can enjoy with your favorite carpets in kitchen or bathroom.

Antique tile carpet can provides your kitchen with a personal touch. Antique tile carpets are fireproof and moisture resistant consequently you can put it in front of countertop.

8. Child carpets

Child carpets


Child carpet is one of the best choices to decorate children room. They provide warmth, useful and design to the room.

Your children will be keep their feet warm when they get out of bed and can play over it. In addition, contemporary designs are wonderful.

9. Bathroom carpets

Bathroom carpets


Forget traditional bathmats. Nowadays, bathmats are funny and innovate. Have you seen this made with fresh moss?

10. DIY carpets

DIY carpets


If you want an innovate carpet…Why not do it yourself?

You can do it in crochet or wool, with beads, cork tops…Imagination is unlimited. If you are not inspired you will find a wide variety of patterns and tutorials to do your DIY carpet step by step.

Where do you place your new carpet? Tell us…

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