Hygge style arrives! The new trend of the moment


Of Danish origin, the term “hygge”, comes to stay. A concept based on a lifestyle oriented towards well-being and happiness, which is reflected in the decoration trends of the moment, at an international level. Not in vain Denmark has been considered the happiest country in the world, according to the UN study (The World Hapiness Report 2017), in more than 155 countries.

But what is it about??/strong>
It is a philosophy of life where the home plays a very important role, as a space of well-being, tranquility and comfort, where worries and problems have no place, we must leave them outside and live in harmony, creating our space of happiness, our space “hygge”.

The 4 keys to create a Hygge home:
All the decoration revolves around comfort, comfort and well-being versus design. People are the main axis, spaces, furniture and objects are at our service to make us feel good, comfortable and at ease in our house.
“Home Sweet Home”.


2_Natural Materials
Noble and natural elements, lots of wood and many plants!, but also details and objects from other materials that inspire nature, such as a coffee table with the base of tree trunks, decoration of vases with sand, pebbles of the beach or of some creek, fruits, bamboo, etc. Everything that gives us an atmosphere of relaxation, peace, well-being and away from the daily stress of the city.


Natural lighting plays a fundamental role, so we must let the maximum clarity pass in our rooms, not obstructing the entry points of light, removing the curtains, raising the blinds, etc. When dark, it is imperative to create warm environments, candles can be our great allies, combined with different points of dim light.

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4.Positive attitude
The Hygge attitude is based on the pursuit of well-being and happiness from simplicity and small things. From sharing an afternoon at home with family and friends, a moment of sofa, blanket and book, a relaxing bath of hot water, all those things that make us feel good. One tip is to decorate, without recharging the spaces, with objects that bring us good memories and that make us relive good experiences, as well as create our own Hygge corner at home.

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