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alfombra vinilica dormitorio hidraulik verdi

Do you like feeling your bare feet on the cold floor?

Are you considering getting a rug for your bedroom?

Unlike traditional rugs, our vinyl ones are resistant, anti-allergic and easy-to-clean. Forget about vacuuming and get mopping/wiping or sweeping.

Our bedroom carpets insulate from the cold and make your mornings more pleasurable.

How do you want to feel in your bedroom?

It doesn’t matter whether your bedroom is big or small.

In Hidraulik we have any size you may need. If we don’t, we tailor-make it for you. We know how important it is to switch off before bed.

For your bedroom or your little ones. Kids love playing on the floor. Keep them protected from the dirt & cold whilst keeping it low-maintenance for you. Will they choose or you??

Barcelona’s panot

Walking around Barcelona you will surely come across red paving stones letting you know that you’re at the doorstep of an Art Nouveau building whose hydraulic cement tiles inspired our company.

We are pioneers in creating vynyl rugs with hydraulic patterns and so you can tell us apart from everything that has followed and enjoy our incomparable quality, you should always look for the flower of Barcelona in the designs Barcelona Tiles. Only then you’ll know they are Hidraulik, the original brand.