Carpets that imitate antique tiles. Take the risk!

Do you like antique tile floors?

We love it, but for sure you do not like to spend all your time with the floor: you have to take care with it does not stain, it does not scratch, you have to wax it…

Sometimes, our pace of life it isn’t compatible with these traditional type of floors but nonetheless we must refuse to enjoy unmistakable style of this modernist jewel.


Carpets that imitate antique tiles


Nowadays, there are very good options to enjoy these pavements without antique tile floors’ cost and maintenance.

Antique tile carpets are the perfect solution! Without additional works and not much maintenance you will have placed your new antique tile floor in few minutes.

Antique tile carpets are made with PVC and do not contain fabric materials. This is the reason why they are antiallergic, do not collect dust and mites, and you can clean them with a wet cloth easily.

Antique tile carpets are very durables and perfect for all spaces: corridors, living room, bathroom… But in kitchen they are unbelievably innovate.

Antique tile carpets: A innovate touch in your kitchen

Are you thinking about redecorating your kitchen?

Antique tile carpets can add a personal touch in your kitchen. You can cover whole floor, a small part or specific areas.


Antique tile carpets


Antique tile carpets, beside to decorate, protect the floor and have a great durability, because of they are perfect for frequently used areas like kitchen.

There are thousands of designs, from the most traditional to the most modern and avant-garde ones: patchworks, geometric, vintage…You choose size and design and will get a design kitchen at a great price. Do you dare with it?

Traditional carpets or vinyl carpets?

It must be recognized that traditional carpets add a special touch to any room as well as they are decorative and protect floors.

But it is true that they collect dust, they stein, you have to hoover them and, as if it were not enough, you can stumble over with them every time that you go across living room. In addition, when summer comes, you have to roll them up and find a place to keep them. Who wants to have a pile carpet in August at the living room?

It is the perennial dilemma with traditional carpets. They seem so beautiful but it is a lot of work!

This is why vinyl carpets have turned into decorative revolution.

Hydaulik carpets adhere to any type of floor perfectly and stand out just a few inches, therefore you can forget to stumble over with them.

Traditional or vinyl carpets



In Hydraulik we are determinate to recover modernist beauty designs of antique tile floors but with nowadays comfort. In addition to traditional designs, we have new, fresh and contemporary designs.

But if you are a nostalgic and you wish to have a copy of your grandmother’s home floor when you were child, send to us a photo and we will recreate the design in your antique tile carpet.

What are you waiting for to give your home a new air?

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