Tips to have an organized home and keep it this way

Tired of your home? Sometimes moving or making a radical renovation are not feasible options but that doesn’t mean you should settle down for what you have. Wonders can be made through organization – from making a small apartment seem bigger to changing our home’s ambiance. Let’s learn how in three easy steps.

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Home detox

The first step to having an organized home is getting rid of all the clutter. We keep so many things that we don’t use but take up a lot of space that throwing away what we don’t use can make a significant improvement. As a rule of thumb, it’s usually best to get rid of everything you don’t regularly use and just keep the essentials. There’s a lot of options to give a second life to unused objects, so you may even end up earning some extra money while decluttering your space.

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Double or nothing

Our best allies to keep a tidy space are all those objects that double as storage. Thanks to them we can have more storage space without it visually showing, so our home will look cleaner and more organized. Our favorites are sofas that hide boxes and storage beds, which are perfect as horizontal shoe closets. If we have enough space, another good option is changing our dining room chairs for a bench where we can keep the table clothing and utensils.

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Think twice

Now that you got rid of everything you didn’t use and know how to organize what stayed, the only thing left to do is keeping it this way. You can accept the #unañosincompras (a year without shopping) challenge, which consists in exactly what its name suggests: not buying anything that’s not strictly necessary for a year. María, the author of Escarabajos, bichos y mariposas, is one of the people who are involved in this challenge, so you can read more about it on her blog.

Even if you don’t want to accept such an extreme challenge, thinking twice before buying is always useful. Do you really need it? Are you actually going to use it? Where will you put it? If you wait until the next day to make the purchase, you’ll probably realize the “need” was just an impulse. This way, you won’t only have a clean and tidy house, you’ll also save some money.

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