Decorate with old rugs

If you have old rugs in your mother or grandmother’s home, you have a perfect opportunity to give your home a new air. Are you going to lose it?
Old or vintage rugs are in fashion in the world of interior design. It does not matter if colours or drawings are worn by the passage of time because new vintage carpets are made imitating this wear. It will be very trendy.




Clean the rug

The first thing is to clean the carpet to remove dirt and dust. You can take it into the laundry or carpet cleaning business but if you prefer to do it at home, first you have to know carpet material to clean it safely without damaging. In addition to vacuum cleaning, there are some tricks to clean your old carpet which we show you in this article.

Believe it or not, salt can disinfect and clean a rug. You have to cover the carpet with a layer of coarse salt and roll it. Leave it four or five hours and vacuum it to remove any salt residues. If it has any stein you can remove them with ammonia with water and a cleaning brush. If stein persist you can try with bicarbonate mixed with vinegar. You have to act the mixture at least half an hour and remove it after with a damp cloth.




You have to try before any product on little piece of carpet which do not show so much to verify it does not damage colours or fabric. In addition, bicarbonate absorbs unpleasant odors. If your carpet has a musty odor or unpleasant odor, you can apply a layer of bicarbonate and roll it. Leave it for a few hours and vacuum it.

After cleaning the carpet, leave it dry in a place where not be exposed to direct sunlight because sun can damage the colours. You cannot use the carpet until it is completely dry.


Where can I place my old rug?




Once carpet is cleaned it is time to place your fantastic carpet. Its place depends on carpet style, the decoration of your home and its size. Carpets are one of decorative elements with which you can get more and in addition, they are very comfortable and can give your home a warm touch. Carpets are perfect for differentiating environments. You can place it to separate the dining room from living room or under dining table, although it is a place where carpet can easily stain.

You have to try your old carpet combines with wall colours. If neutral colours predominate in your home, you can place a carpet more colourful and striking and the room will not be overloaded. If your carpet is small, you can place it under a side table or even in bathroom, where it can be very comfortable while it does not take functionality. If you want to place a carpet at the hall, you have to be careful because it can hinder the door and it is better if carpet is resistant and dark because hall is a transition room.



As you can see, carpets can be used to separate different environments but you can also use to unit large spaces. If your living room is large or open, carpets can help you to create a unique environment. Carpets are perfect in the kitchen and, in addition, they protect the floor from steins although it is better a resistant carpet in this space.

Old and new carpets can transform any room and can give your home a warm touch now that autumn is with us. And you…Do you have in your home a forgotten old carpet? What are you waiting for?


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