DIY: Decorate your house with fruit crates

Vintage decoration has definitely come to stay. It is increasingly frequent to find retro style elements in bar or restaurant decoration and, naturally, at home.

Wallpapers, antique tile floors, furniture from your grandparents’ house and old chairs from school are in fashion.

 Decorate your house with fruit crates

Boxes, especially fruit boxes, have become an icon of this decorative style. Because of in this article we show you how you can decorate your home recycling this type of boxes. Let’s get down to work!

Fruit crates are easily available. You can find them in markets or grocery stores. It is sure that grocer can give you some fruit boxes. You can go at the end of the day and sure you can obtain some crates to make your DIY projects.

Although finding appropriate fruit boxes is not easy because of modern crates are fragile and are frequently printed with logos which are very difficult to remove, you can also buy old fruit boxes in decor shops or antiques markets.

When you obtain your boxes the first step will be wash them. You have to rub them with a sponge, water and soap. If they are very dirty you can add few drops of bleach.

Once clean and dry, we have to sand them. You can do it handmade or with a sanding machine. Finally, you have to vanish and paint them in the colour you like the most, although it depends on what you are doing with it.

Let us consider some examples of how to decorate with fruit boxes:

Fruit crates as side tables

Fruit crates as side tables


Fruit boxes as tables are very chic. Simply place vertically the box and you will obtain a wonderful side table.

If you put wheels as paws you can easily move it and if you want a vintage touch, you can sand the paint to left exposed fragments of wood.

make your table for your living room


This kind of tables are perfect to place a small lamp or decorative element. If you join several boxes you can make your table for your living room, terrace or porch.

Fruit boxes as magazine rack

Fruit boxes as magazine rack


It is very easy to make a magazine rack with fruit crates which give your reading corner an original touch.

The procedure is very similar to side tables. Although in this case we will place horizontally so that we can put and take out easily the magazines.

Fruit crates to store toys

Fruit crates to store toys


Fruit boxes are crates consequently they are perfect to store things, especially children’s toys.

You can paint them with funny colours or decorate them with draw or stickers of their favorite character. You can write with a template what you are going to store: dolls, cars,…You can ensure your children do not protest such as before when they have to store their toys.

Decorate your garden with fruit boxes

Decorate your garden with fruit boxes


Have you ever thought about using fruit crates as flowerpot? They are perfect to decorate your garden or terrace. Just paint it and put inside pots. You can combine different type of boxes or even hang them on the wall as if it was planters.

As you can see, it is easy decorate with fruit boxes. You just need some boxes and a bit of imagination.

diy decorate

And you… Do you dare to give your home a DIY touch?




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