Mixture of styles is in fashion. Do you dare with it?

mezcla de estilos decorativos


Modern, ethnic, industrial, vintage style…Why do we content ourselves with one?

At time of decorating our home, we usually choose a unique decorative style and apply it to all spaces. Nevertheless, the fusion of different decorative styles, when done properly, can be very successful.

Eclectic style

In this year 2015, great designers bet on the eclectic style. It is sure you have sometimes heard this term, although you do not know what really consists of.

Eclectic style is the combination of several contemporary decorative trends. It is a mixture of styles but always seeking an aesthetic balance in the ensemble.

That is not as easy as it may seem. Therefore, in this article we want to give you the keys to get a harmonious and consistent mixture of styles.

Personal style

personal style


There are no limits or rules to eclectic style. It is a very personal style, since it is based on tastes and inspirations of each one to form a special decorative combination.

You can combine old family furnishings with industrial, oriental or ethnic elements, everything may be alright if it is placed in the appropriate location.

Balance styles


balance styles


Eclectic style key is choosing some pieces to focus decoration on them. Choose pieces which define you, you would like to highlight or you love.
Once pieces are chosen, you have to see the space as a whole and distribute objects you would like to highlight.

Try not to overdo the room with many elements because we do not wish our home becomes to a hotchpotch. Spaces and order are essential to get decorative balance.


colour decorations


Colour and textures can help you to obtain uniformity. Try to use furnishings and wall tonalities as neutral as possible, afterwards you can highlight other elements without they visually flood the room.

Although you blend different decorative styles, it is important to choose a range of colours which integrate all elements to get an attractive combination.


fusion style decoration


We can play with diversity of styles with small furnishings like tables, chairs and decorative elements.

Old tables mixed with retro chairs, vintage side tables with industrial style lamps, minimalist couches with chandeliers…Everything is fine while combination functions as a whole.
Keep in mind that textiles like curtains or upholsteries can help you to unify decoration of the space.

The most important thing is not to overload, avoiding excesses and seeking balance based on colours, textures and shapes.  Actually, fusion of styles is what we have been doing all our life with the decoration in home. But now it is the moment to do it without fear and complexes.

Eclectic style is the most personal and charming one, among other reasons, because it is absolutely unique and you will not ever find two similar living rooms.

Do you show us your personal style?


image: featherslace.blogspot.com

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