Five carpet proposals to give your living room a vintage touch

50’s, 60’s and 70’s marked a before and after in the world of decoration. Several designers recover pieces and decorative styles which triumphed in these years, giving them a new place in contemporary decoration.

Carpets are not an exception. They provide warmth and texture to any decoration style, they help to separate different environments and stand out the spaces that you love in your home.
If you finally choose a vintage carpet, you can be sure that it will become the star piece in your living room.

In this article we would propose today five type of vintage carpets that will attract the eyes of all guests.

Vintage patchwork carpets

Vintage patchwork carpets


Patchwork carpets are trend in carpet design. This type of vintage carpets are made with remnants. Pieces of different carpets are sewed to create a very chic combination.

You can find them in distinct materials like wood, cotton, even leather. Regarding designs, you will find a wide variety, from the most traditional to the most contemporary and all of them will provide a fresh and original touch to your living room.

Hidraulik Carpets

Modernism is in fashion and antique tile floors are the star of this trend. Antique tile carpets give a special touch to any space: living room, kitchen, bathroom…

Hidraulik Antique tile carpets are made of PVC and do not contain fibers, therefore they are anti- allergic, do not collect dust and are fire-resistant.




In addition, they adhere to floor perfectly, are very durable, they do not scratch and you can clean them easily.

Where are you placing your new antique tile carpet?

Print carpets


Colourful print carpets flood with light and vitality your living room. 70´s prints come back to carpets with its characteristic round geometric shapes.
Print carpets are perfect to give your home a retro touch.

Worn out carpets


Worn out carpets are on top of new vintage fashion. Its worn out layer, produced by use, remembers the charm of days long ago. Blurred shapes, blur prints, ethnic motifs, animal prints or oriental styles reflect the vintage look that you like so much.

A touch of elegance and style to decorate your home.

Pop Art carpets


Pop Art carpets are innovate and bold. Mythical 60’s illustrations come back in carpets to give your home a retro style which will not go unnoticed.  Carpets with great designs inspired in comics and drawings to enthusiasts of this artistic trend.

Irrespective of your style, vintage carpets will give to your decoration an original and elegant touch. Which one do you choose?

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