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From oblivion to admiration

Turn your forgettable corridor into an unforgettable part of your home. Display it alone or combine it with a simple piece of furniture to add flow through your home.

Essentially every space in your house needs to make you feel welcomed and comfy to become your home. Make your house feel like home today!

Have you made up your mind yet?

You decorate, customise, make it unique and it is still clean, easy and practical to use.

You will surely find your model and size.

If you have doubts and need a hand just call us without any obligation. We’ve dressed many homes and created many combinations. We’re here for you.

Barcelona’s panot

Walking around Barcelona you will surely come across red paving stones letting you know that you’re at the doorstep of an Art Nouveau building whose hydraulic cement tiles inspired our company.

We are pioneers in creating vinyl rugs with hydraulic patterns and so you can tell us apart from everything that has followed and enjoy our incomparable quality, you should always look for the flower of Barcelona in the designs Barcelona Tiles. Only then you’ll know they are Hidraulik, the original brand.