Industrial Pipes: Give your decoration an industrial touch

Industrial style continues to be a strong trend in interior design. This decorative style was born in the 1950s in New York and it stills very present both in business interior design and in decoration of the house.
Open spaces, facing brick walls and installations at sight are the hallmark of industrial style.
But it is not necessary to remove partitions or chip the walls to give your decoration an industrial touch.

Industrial Pipes

Copper or cast iron plumbing tubes in interior decoration are in fashion and have open a new horizon in the field of DIY.
Pipes are not only decoration but also you can make shelves, coat racks, wall lamps, tables, towel rails…In Hydraulik we show you how you can do it.

Towel rails with pipes

Industrial style looks particularly good in bathroom, especially if it is combined with other styles as Nordic or rustic style.
In addition, towel rails and roll holders are perfect for beginners in the field of industrial pipes because they are very easy to do and attractive.



To do your own industrial style towel rails you need some pipes. If you can find old pipes it is perfect because the result will be very vintage.
Besides pipes, you will need more parts as tube elbows, connectors and flanges from plumbing installations.




In addition to towel rails you can also make other accessories as roll holders or curtain rods.





Shelves with pipes

Shelves are the most usual structure with this type of pipes. There are a wide range with different designs and forms. We show you some examples:
This shelf is very original and easy to do. You just need adequate materials and cut the pipes to desired measurement.




In a matter of bookshelves there are a wide variety of designs, more or less complicated, but all of them very original. The are no limits to imagination:






Do you dare with your own industrial shelf? It is sure to give your home decoration a very chic touch.



Coat racks with pipes

Coat racks with pipes are very decorative and practical. They are perfect for open cabinets or dressing rooms but they also look good in halls or receivers.




Tables with pipes

Side tables, writing tables, low tables or small sideboards. There will be no table which you cannot make with industrial pipes. Although they are more complicated than above objects.




Lamps with pipes

In the case of light, industrial pipes have no limits. Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps…What are you waiting for to make your lamp?
In addition to materials required to make you lamp with pipes you need basic skills of electricity.
We start with a simple example, a very original desktop lamp.




To make this amazing lamp we need the materials that you can see in the image:




If you want to do your floor lamp, here you can see some examples which can inspire you.




Ceiling lamps with pipes are perfect to iluminate a living room with Nordic or vintage style:




If you want models more sophisticated and original you can try to make either of these lamps:





Before getting down to work, you have to gather the suitable materials because to find old iron tubes can be complicated. You can ask in scrapyard, junkyards, even in construction companies because they remove old plumbing installations.
If you do not find old materials you can always buy the necessary parts in a hardware store and paint them to give an antique style or leave them unchanged.
In addition to pipes you will need tube elbows, connectors and flanges which you can also find in the hardware store in your own district.
Finally, you will need one iron saw to cut the pipes to desired measurement and one wrench to press the connectors.

Which is going to be your first project with Industrial Pipes?


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