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The perfect place for vinyl rugs!

The kitchen is the place where meals are prepared and depending on the historical period and the culture it was built in, its size and importance will vary.

You get home ready to switch off and start preparing a nice dinner while llistening to your kid’s day. You pour a nice glass of wine … A space where magic moments become memories worth cherishing.

Big or small, open or closed. Your kitchen, your style. Give it your personal touch, own it. Personality, quality and practicality.

Does the ideal kitchen mat exist?

In Hidraulik we have found the solution. Our vinyl mats will decorate your kitchen while making your life easier. You can either place the mat in the cooking area to protect the floor or, if you prefer, decoratively in your open-plan kitchen. Its 100% PVC material is waterproof and easy to clean.

Imagine how quickly you’ll be able to clean your kitchen, simply mop the floor!

What can this mat do for you?

  • Protect delicate floors such as laminates, microcements and parquets from their normal wear and tear or occasional stains.
  • The vinyl material prevents liquids from seeping through, effectively waterproofing the area.
  • Adds style, colour and personality to otherwise generally dull kitchens.
  • Super easy to clean!

High decor also in your kitchen

The kitchen is making a comeback! Moving away from being an isolated space for cooking & cleaning to the hub of the home and opening up into dining & living areas too.

Barcelona’s panot

Walking around Barcelona you will surely come across red paving stones letting you know that you’re at the doorstep of an Art Nouveau building whose hydraulic cement tiles inspired our company.

We are pioneers in creating vynyl rugs with hydraulic patterns and so you can tell us apart from everything that has followed and enjoy our incomparable quality, you should always look for the flower of Barcelona in the designs Barcelona Tiles. Only then you’ll know they are Hidraulik, the original brand.