The decoration trends that will prevail this year

Unbelievably it’s already 2016 and the New Year brings new trends, styles and ways to understand decoration.
Today we invite you on a tour of the decoration trends that will prevail this year and we’ll also give you some tips on how to incorporate them into your homes. Coming with us?

Metallic colours

This trend is no novelty as metallic colours have been a must for quite some months. In 2016 this trend will consolidate and we will see silver, gold, copper and bronze in both accessories and complements. If you would like to give it a go we suggest you start with a basic accessory and slowly add new colours. Venture into mixing metallic colours with different objects, such as lamps, platters or shelving.




Patterns offer a broad and just about endless array of possibilities. They are highly versatile and easily adapt to each individual’s home and style. You choose where to use them: bathroom, kitchen, living room…combine the colours and shapes that best suit your taste and personality. As simple as that!


Wild home

This trend can seem slightly striking but if you’re brave enough it will add the fresh, wild look to your home that you were looking for. It basically involves incorporating animal motifs anywhere in the house. If you thought that animal deco was only for children´s bedrooms, you were wrong. This trend will add originality to your home and provide an up-lifting and vital feeling. You can add small elements such as a vase, cushions or mugs with animal motifs and if you’re really daring, even decorate an entire wall.




Nordic style

What can we say about this style that hasn´t already been said? This is a classic that never goes out of fashion. Basic colours, straight lines and natural materials. This style is a representation of the “less is more” concept and guarantees success.


Ethnic style


This is the most lively and up-lifting style of all. If you decide to go down this path you need to choose bright colours, combining lively tones to create unique, outstanding rooms with strong character. Patterns and geometric shapes are also important as they are a basic element of this style.
You can achieve this with cushions, blankets or fabrics and if you’re not sure on the colourful version of this style, you can always go for the black and white one.

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