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The perfect place for vinyl rugs!

On Thursday your daughter is having some friends over for snacks, on Friday you’ll watch a film under the blanket on the sofa, Saturdays are for relaxing, reading without having to rush and Sunday you’ll have a casual meal with friends.

The living room is possibly the most used and multifunctional space in your house

Are you looking for a cosy space with a distinctive style and that is easy to clean? With Hidraulik rugs it’s easy to be original and stylish. Which model are you going to pick? Which one fits best and is just ‘you’?

¿Does the ideal kitchen mat exist?

Here is where it all happens. Sharing moments with family and friends to enjoy life together. Remember one of the star features of Hidraulik rugs is how easy they are to clean. Forget about the vacuum cleaner, you’ll only need a mop/dust mop to get rid of accidental stains on your living room carpet.

New style, new living room

Sometimes we crave change and desire our living space to feel different. That’s expected, our tastes change and so do our personal and family needs. With Hidraulik carpets it’s easy to change the look of your living room for very little investment and no building work required!

The most difficult part will be choosing your favourite model, the rest will happen in a flash.

Barcelona’s panot

Walking around Barcelona you will surely come across red paving stones letting you know that you’re at the doorstep of an Art Nouveau building whose hydraulic cement tiles inspired our company.

We are pioneers in creating vynyl rugs with hydraulic patterns and so you can tell us apart from everything that has followed and enjoy our incomparable quality, you should always look for the flower of Barcelona in the designs Barcelona Tiles. Only then you’ll know they are Hidraulik, the original brand.