3 pallet furniture step by step to decorate your home

DIY furniture are in fashion because it is tempting to make your own furniture.

Pallets are the main raw material to do this type of furniture because they are cheap, readily available and you recycle while decorating your home.

Pallet furniture are very original and give your home a bohem chic touch.

In this article we want to show you 3 easy pallet furniture to do it by yourself but there are some things to keep in mind before to get to work.

Which pallets do I need and where can I have them?

There are various types of pallets but Europallet is the most frequently used to make DIY furniture. It measures 120 cm long and 80 cm wide and has double grille.


Europallet DIY furniture


Pallets are readily available, you only need to go to industrial site, market or shopping center. Once you get there, look in the containers or you can ask a supervisor.

You can also buy them, reused are cheap and it is sure that they will be better.

Most of pallet furniture are easy to do but if you want to achieve a good finish, you need to do previous treatments as varnishing or sanding the wood and repairing any damage.

It is not necessary to disassemble the pallet for making any furniture but it is common that you need to do it. This work can be difficult if you do not know how to do it and do not have appropriate tools.

How to disassemble a pallet?

There are pallets easy to dismantle and others which are a nightmare. Although there are specific tools to do it, with one claw hammer and one mace you will not need anything else.

First, you have to remove the blocks or stirrups beating them with the mace until they separate from the planks.

How to disassemble a pallet?


Next, you need to remove the nails. Put the pallet upwards and beat the nails softly with the hammer until they are at the wood level.

We have already disassemble our pallet. What are we going to do with it?

1. Headboard

One of the easiest pallet furniture is a bed headboard. You can use entire pallets or disassemble them to make your own design and decorate it however you like.

pallet furniture is a bed headboard


diy Headboard


diy Headboard pallets


2. Low table

Low table is one of the most famous pallet furniture and it is easy to do although there are designs quite complicate.

low table with pallet furniture


The most important thing to make a low table is to achieve a large and robust pallet.

Once home, you have to sand and paint it or varnish it if you want to maintain its natural colour.

pallet furniture natural colour


After that, you just to put it four wheels which you can buy in any hardware store and order a tailored glass.

3. Bottle rack

This is one of pallet furniture that we like most because it is decorative and also very practical.

Bottle rack with pallets


To make the bottle rack you need to cut the pallet with a compass saw at the second plank level.

make to Bottle rack diy


With this cut we have already done much of our bottle rack. The rest of pallet it is necessary to disassemble because we need to use three more planks.

We have to nail one of the planks to the furniture base to support the bottles. With another plank we do two wedges, which we will use to leave the bottles, and we nail them to both sides of the bottle rack base.

Finally, in the last plank we make some cuts to put the cups and nail it to the wedges. Sand, varnish or paint the pieces before joint them.

Do you dare with your own pallet furniture? Have you already done anyone?We want to see it!

Image: ecodecomobiliario.com

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