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Dessau vinyl mat

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Dessau vinyl mat

Dessau vinyl mat is inspired by the first period of the Bauhaus school, the school of architecture, design, arts and crafts founded in1919 by Walter Gropius.

An expressionist artistic style although more sober, encouraged a communal type of art, based on the idea rather than the inspiration. From 1925 to 1932.

The name Bauhaus derives/comes from the combining the German words Bau, “building”, and Haus, “house”. The Bauhaus laid the normative bases and patterns of what we know today as industrial and graphic design.

Designed by LACA.

In Hidraulik we are all about houses with charm, houses like no other. Design pieces for decoration lovers.

History and singularity, comfort and design. All our product lines have been developed by design studios such as Hey studio, Pràctica design, Black Milk bcn, Huaman Studio, Eating patterns and Laca design, they are numbered from 1 to 100 and they are unique pieces. Decoration is riddled with repetition.

Sometimes you want to be different and exclusive.

Lamina 85% PVC + 15% high-quality foamed polyester 2.5mm thick printed with UV ink.

- Unbreakable
- Waterproof
- No installation, no adhesives
- Easy to clean, with any kind of non abrasive product.
- Ideal for pets
- Fireproof: it doesn’t spread fire, self-extinguishing
- Antistatic: avoids the effects of static electricity
- Thermal insulation: insulates from cold and heat (suitable for houses with underfloor heating)
- Resistant: protects the parquet or floor against wear-and-tear.
- Anti-allergic: incorporates antibacterian and antifungal treatments.
- Non-slip: prevents slips and falls. Perfect for the elderly and children.
- Made in Europe

- Sweep, vacuum, mop or dry mop.
- Avoid placing sharp/pointed or heavy objects on them as they could leave marks. We recommend protecting chairs and tables with felt glides.
- Do not drag furniture on the carpet.
- Lay indoors. It can also be laid on a semi-covered garden/terrace or balcony.
- Do not use as a shower mat.
- Make sure both carpet and floor are dry when installing.
- Store flat or rolled up, never folded.
- Our carpets are for domestic use. We advise against using it in places with heavy foot traffic.

- 10-15 days free delivery.
- 14 days for returns and refunds.
- 100% secure/safe and encrypted purchase /100% safe shopping.

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