Restore antique furniture. How can you do it easily?

It is likely that during these holidays you are going to your house in the village or going to visit your uncles or grandparents.

Surely these places bring back childhood memories for you and if you stop to look carefully, you can see that everything continues as usual: rooms, living room, kitchen and…furniture! At present this type of furniture is old fashioned.

But you can do amazing things with a sandpaper and coat of paint. That antique chest of drawers or armchair can turn into a chic piece of furniture.

From old chest of drawers to vintage furniture

old chest of drawers to vintage furniture


It is sure that you have ever seen any small table or chest of drawers like this because it was very popular in the 1960s.

What you have never imagined is that it looks good in your entrance hall. Do you not believe it? We show you:

old chest


If I told you that you can transform it in a few hours? This miracle is due to Chalk paint which is increasingly used and very popular in DIY universe.


Chalk paint decoration


Thanks to this paint you do not need to sand the furniture because it adheres seamlessly to any surface leaving a very special finish.

You only need to clean the furniture with a damp cloth and some ammonia. Once it is dry, it is ready to be painted.

Two paints are used to achieve this vintage and worn touch. One is the base paint and the other one is the main color. We must leave to dry approximately one hour between coats.
old chest of drawers to vintage furnitureWork and images made for


You have to sand lightly to reveal the base paint once it is dry to give this fantastic vintage touch.

Finally, you have to wax the piece because this type of paint is very porous.

Chairs or antique lamps. Give your imagination free rein!

The advantages of this paint continues because it adheres perfectly to wood and other materials such as plastic, iron or fabric.

Bear in mind the transformation of this armchair using only Chalk Paint.

Chairs or antique lamps


If you are going to paint a piece of fabric, you must be very careful and diluting the paint or using a wet paintbrush.

Once paint is dry, you must to sand lightly to soften the seat surface and finally apply two layers of neutral colour wax.

As you can see, we can use this paint to give a modern look to antique chandeliers or any other object you want.

The result is amazing!

transformation of this armchair using only Chalk Paint.


Other techniques for restoring antique furniture

Besides the paint there are other techniques to restore old furniture such as upholstery or decoupage. These techniques may be more costly both economically and in terms of difficulty but the result are wonderful too.

It is not unusual to find an old armchair like this in a container on the street. However, it can become the jewel of your living room with a coat of paint and good upholstery.

other techniques to restore old furniture


Découpage is another technique very used to decorate furniture with surprising results. It consist of sticking pieces of paper and varnish then. The final result is as it is paint by hand.




Cutouts from illustrated paper napkins are usually used in this technique although there are specially designed papers therefore.

Cutouts stick each other with vinyl glue and then apply two layers of varnish to seal the piece.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for restoring the old furniture. You only need a bit of imagination and free time.

And you…Have you renovated any furniture? Show us!



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