Small rooms decoration: Get more from your house

If your house is small, decoration can help you to use your space more effectively. You only need three basic principles: space, light and order.

Living room

Living room is the hub of the house, the place where you can rest, invite your friends and enjoy your free time.

In the majority of cases it is not necessary to change the distribution of furniture or to do works to change completely a room. You can do a great change with a paint job and new furniture.

Living room decoration


decoration living room


This project has been carried out by oldbrandnew and it is an example of how a room can be completely transformed with small changes.

The first work done was to change the colour of walls. Dull gray has been replaced by pure white which makes the most of natural light and enlarges the room.

Pure white is combined with bright yellow of door to create a fresh and modern contrast.

The furniture has been replaced by shelves and a coffee table that visually lightness the room.

Some prints and one mirror have been used to decorate the wall and increase the room depth.

Kitchen decoration

We know that remodeling the kitchen could be expensive and very tedious. If you change the furniture or the arrangement of the room you have to do works but a coat of paint sometimes can accomplish miracles.

kitchen decoration before


kitchen decoration after


In this kitchen has only been used paint and imagination to redecorate it.

Pastel green of the wall has been replaced by navy blue that although it is darker, gives a very elegant touch.

Furniture have been painted in white because this colour reflects light and provides the kitchen more brightness and space. Black handles are a perfect contrast because they give a modern air.

The taps have been replaced in this example and can help you to change your kitchen look entirely.


Bathroom tend to bear the worst brunt of the floorplan of house, above all if it is small. But there is no need to worry because we show you some tricks to renovate it without works!

Paint for tiles

If your bathroom has these horrible old tiles or you are tired of yours, you can renovate them without works with paint for tiles.

Remember to clean the wall and cover the holes or breaks with paste for tiles before painting.

Vynil floors

Vynil floors are resistant to humidity and are easy to install. You can find a wide variety of models: imitation wood, antique tile floor duplicates, porcelain stoneware…

This type of floors are adhesives consequently you simply have to cut the planks and stick them carefully.

Washbasins above the floor

Washbasins above the floor are more convenient than traditional washbasins because you can make better use of space. In addition, they do not reach the floor consequently are visually lighter.

Bathroom decoration before & afetr


The remodelling, carried out by, combines these three rules and altough it still lacks some details the result is amazing.

In the following barthroom they have not greatly changed furniture and floor. They have only changed wall colour and decorative style but they have totally renewed it.

bathroom decoration


In this example they have chosen navy elements to decorate their bathroom. They have removed the shelf which overload the space and have put in its place methacrylate shelves and towel hooks.

great remodelling bathroom


The result is amazing. Isn't it?


As you can see, with a reduced budget you can do great remodelling and can make better use of space in your house although it is small.



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