Before & After: Special Terraces

With the arrival of fine weather it is time to prepare our terraces for enjoying the summer nights.

From Hydraulik, we want to help you to get the most of your terrace this year. You have to start by taking the old stuffs accumulated during the winter and get ready to breathe fresh air into your outdoor terrace.

No matter the size of your terrace, large or small, all the terraces can become your favorite corner at home. It is the perfect place to breakfast, have a snack, rest or invite your friends.

It is not necesary to do great works on your terrace, if you make small changes of furniture and decoration, you will obtain amazing results. Let’s show some examples:

Tropical terrace

The case of Ananda Qianyu is very special because of they have restyle their terrace with recycled materials like wooden pallets, thus obtaining a wonderful result:



Tropical terrace, before

Despite it is a rented house, consequently they are subject to many limitations including it is not allowed paint or hammer into the wall, they have obtained a total transformation of their terrace and have given to it a very personal feel.



Tropical terrace, after

Terrace is inspired by Hawai, consequently they have use typical colours of tropical culture like turquoise blue, pink or intense yellow.

Work has been hard but the result has been worth it and…What do you think about the mosaic painted on the floor? It is fantastic!

hidraulic mosaic painted on the floor

Rooftop terrace

This terrace transformation has been an Edyta’s project, she is an interior designer and decorator who has demonstrated with this work that terrace look can totally change if we simply switch decoration and renovate the furniture.


Rooftop terrace before




Rooftop terrace after


A lattice where jasmine takes root has been placed into the wall and it will give aroma and a green touch very special to terrace. Rest of the wall have been decorated with forest plates and two lanterns.

Under,a trunk where you can store things is also a seat, although it is not necessary to renounce utility to have a beautiful terrace.

Recycled terrace

As we have seen, recycled materials give considerable scope. In this terrace doctor Mueblestein has been able to transform a lifeless terrace into a place which you do not want to leave.

With old pallets, fruit boxes and coloured textiles she has been able to give light and color to this terrace until now without use.

Recycled terrace, before


Pallets have become a comfortable sofa, buckets like stools and fruit boxes are perfect. All are made with a small budget and large doses of imagination.

Eclectic terrace

An eclectic style is being sought in this terrace, where are mixed objects of different periods and styles providing it with a very personal effect.

Attempts has been made to combine different spaces (terrace, living room and dining room), in one place:

Eclectic terrace


The sofa, armchairs, puffs, tea table…all this is placed on antique tile carpet obtaining a very personal and perfect combination.


antique tile carpet

Canes and planters are strategically placed to create small corners with charm and give a natural touch which makes this terrace a lovely place.

Finally, the illumination with candles inside glass jars gives a vintage, chic and irresistible air.

terrace a lovely place


Although it is not necessary has a terrace like this, in New York’s heart, to enjoy your outdoors corner.

And you? Do you have your terrace ready? Show it to us!

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