Terraces are for summer time!

Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy your terrace.
It means longer days, light clothing, high temperatures, and also long leisure hours on the terrace. It is the ideal place to read, have breakfast, nap or enjoy the best company.
If you are lucky enough to have a terrace, make the most of it. No matter the size, with a careful decoration and small details you can get a great game.

Decorate with plants and flowers. The terraces allow a wide range of possibilities: flower beds with plants, small bouquets on the table, combined flowers of different types and sizes. In addition, you can play with the arrangement: a corner with flowerpots or a vertical garden, which takes up little space, will fill the terrace with life.

Plantas_02_Nuevo Estilo_Fotor
Revista Nuevo Estilo

If you want to create an environment that suits all situations, there is a detail that will help you achieve it: lighting. You can place lanterns, candles or garlands of light and give a magical touch to the environment. Use indirect light illuminating a point from below and get a chic touch to the terrace.


Use furniture that suits your style.
Take advantage from the full potential of the terrace, without limiting yourself, to turn it into a comfortable space where you can organize barbecues or nap. If your terrace is a space with a lot of activity, choose furniture that weighs little. In addition, you will need outdoor furniture with little maintenance to facilitate relaxation.

Mobiliario_01_Nuevo Estilo
Revista Nuevo Estilo


Mobiliario_03_Nuevo Estilo
Revista Nuevo Estilo


And finally, complete the look of your terrace with a rug. It delimits the spaces creating a comfortable atmosphere in each area, and combined with the furniture, plants and small details gives a more trendy touch to the environment.
And now … Enjoy your favorite corner of summer!

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