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Use and care

Vinyl rugs are just as easy to maintain as any other parquet or floor: they can be swept, mopped or scrubbed without any problem.

We recommend you wash nylon rugs in your washing machine when original colour starts to slightly fade away.

Vinyl carpets can be washed using any type of cleaning product, as long as it is nonabrasive .

Placemats, table runners or coasters can be washed in the washing machine/dishwasher

Nylon rugs are suitable for washing machines and dryers up to 60 ºC. Do not use bleach or use abrasive products.

Vinyl rugs:

– Avoid placing sharp/pointed or heavy objects on them as they could leave marks.

– We recommend protecting chairs and tables with felt glides

– Do not drag furniture on the rug

– Do not use in damp environments such as bathrooms to avoid slips and falls.

Make sure both carpet and floor are dry when installing.

– Store flat or rolled up, never folded.

Nylon rugs:

Do not clean with abrasive products