Vintage lamps: Illuminate your home with style

If there are something which we like of vintage decoration is the lighting. Its tenuous and warm light is capable of creating intimate and warm environments. In this article you will find the key to illuminating your home with style. Vintage style becomes eclectic in relation to illumination. Everything is allowed, from old chandeliers to simple lanterns or even, light bulbs.


Vintage illumination in the living room

Living room is one of the most used rooms at home. We use it to rest, read, to chat with friends or to watch a movie… For this reason, we need to combine the main light with concrete spots of light. Vintage lamps are perfect to illuminate this zone of the house. Old cinema and photographic lights give your living room an original air, although authentic lights are difficult to achieve, you can find retro new editions of these lights in decoration shops.




Metallic balance-arm lamps are perfect for your decoration in living room. You can put it on a side table or bolted into the wall as wall lamps. As regards the ceiling lights, continue to be trend the hanging lamps with metallic lamp shades like boat lamps. Nowadays you can find a great variety of colours, models and finishes for this type of lamp.

Vintage illumination in the dining room

Dining room illumination should have two requirements: it should be decorative and provide the light necessary to eat and dinner.




Chandeliers have come to stay but nowadays they are reinvented with brilliant colours and air bulbs. You can also restore an old chandelier that you find at home. Sure, you mother or your grandmother store one with which you will have a vintage lamps in your dining room only with very good cleaning and a coat of Chalk Paint. Although it is not necessary to find such a sophisticated lamp, with cables and bulbs only, you can make your own vintage lamp.




Do you dare with your DIY lamp? Do not forget centerpieces make with candles, the warmth of this type of light is unique.


Vintage illumination in the kitchen

Vintage and industrial style lamps are perfect to illuminate your kitchen.




Caged bulbs, bulbs inside glass jars and metallic hanging lamps set trends in illumination of this part of  the house.




Do you are looking for an original lamp for your kitchen? Raul Laurí brings you a innovative and special proposal. It is Koji, a ceiling lamp made with coffee grounds.




This new material is manufactured with an organic binder which apply different pressure techniques.  With these lamp not only illuminate the kitchen but also you will perfume the room because when they become hot, have the distinctive aroma of fresh coffee.

Decorate with light

Lighting is particularly important for decoration of the house. With the illumination you can separate environments and create different spaces in each room of your home. Make the most with natural light to add amplitude and vitality in your home. You can also use the illumination to highlight the corners or decorative items you most like. You can always use energy saving light bulbs and LED lights which, besides being energy efficient, are very durable and do not get hot.


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