Antique tiles and antique tile floors: Imitation vs tradition

Antique tiles are a decorative type of floor very used until 60`s. It was born in France in the 19th century and, unlike the moment tiles, it did not need baking and turned out more economical than marble.

Each piece was handmade one by one. Designs were made with metal moulds, which later were affixed to cement piece by hydraulic press. Because of this, antique tiles are called hydraulic tiles in Spain.

As it was at same time that modernism, the antique tiles designs was very artistic, using geometric shapes and flower motifs principally. The manufactures counted on the most relevant designers in the moment, even Dalí designed one of these tiles which we can admire at Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona nowadays.

Handmade tiles manufacture was slow and tedious and, even though the manufacture method do not change too much, it is possible to find some factories that continue making these tiles by traditional method, usually for restorations but for new constructions too.

Original antique tiles require a great maintenance and are not so resistant like nowadays pavements but nonetheless we must refuse to enjoy their original design.

Antique tiles

Imitate antique tiles

Vintage backs in fashion and antique tile floors have come to stay, without refusing the conveniences that technologic advances can give to us.

Unlike traditional antique tiles, ceramic antique tiles are not porous, consequently its cleanliness and maintenance are easier. In addition, they are more durables and can be used for indoor or outdoor.

New antique tiles have a greater variety of sizes and designs than traditional antique tiles, therefore application range is much wider: you can decorate walls, floors, fireplaces, carpets, friezes…

Although you can find traditional design duplicates, new antique tile imitations have modern, colourful and innovate designs that it is sure will give an original touch in your home.

Imitate antique tiles

Carpets that imitate antique tile floors and mosaic

Although antique tile imitations are easier to install, it is necessary to do works in your home because a bricklayer has to place tiles suitably, with all inconveniences that it entails.

This type of floors, placed on larger spaces, could be a little bit suffocating over time. That is why there is an increasing number of costumers that choose to place antique tiles on some spaces like a carpet: under living room table, in study or in the middle of living room.

In Hidraulik, we are determined to recover the spirit of these modernist jewels without refusing convenience and technology of today.

Hidraulik carpets characteristics

We have done an exclusive product which do not require works or construction jobs to place it.

They are PVC carpets that imitates the beauty of antique tile floors and mosaics. They adhere to floor easily and are very practical and simple to clean. They do not need to hoover and just as they are not porous, do not stein. You only have to use a wet cloth to clean it.

Our antique tile carpets are anti-allergic because they have been treated with a bacteriostatic and anti-fungal process and they are perfect for asthmatic or allergic people.

This type of carpet is ideal to place over parquet in heavily used areas because they prevent wooden scratch and protect it from chairs.

They are an ideal thermal insulation, providing a pleasant and comfortable sensation, perfect as children playing area.

We have different pre-establish sizes but we adapt to your needs and we can do tailor-made antique tile carpets.

Antique tile carpet designs

1. Classic Collection

With our classic designs we want to recover and pay tribute to great architects and illustrators of modernism who made of antique tiles great beauty pieces, real artwork to be walk on. That is why we have reproduced in our carpets the most emblematic designs of that period, so that you can enjoy it in your home.

Antique tile carpets: Classic Collection


2. Modern Collection

If you like antique tiles with a new and contemporary touch, modern collection is made for you.

In Hidraulik, with new shapes and colors, we want to give a breath of fresh air to antique tile floors. For that, we have been helped by great designers that have managed to reflect new decorative trends in this collection integrated by six designs.

Antique tile carpets: Modern Collection

3. Customize Collection

In Hidraulik, we want to adapt to you, your desires and needs. That is why we can reproduce any design which you need, only with a picture. Thereafter, you can customize your definitive carpet size and colours.

ntique tile carpets: Customize Collection


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