The 5 main mistakes we make when we decorate

We know that your house is perfect and a reflection of your inner self but admit it… it never finishes looking alike to those photos that you see in the magazines or in the decoration blogs.

Do you want to know how to correct the most common decorative mistakes? Continue reading and transform your house into the house of your dreams.

1. Not illuminating the rooms
A lot of us fall in the habit of not giving the importance that the illumination deserves and we think that only with a spot of artificial light is enough.
For illuminating correctly a space with artificial light, we have to take into account different factors as the walls color, the bulb that we choose (this will give one temperature or another to the light) or the windows and other sources of natural light. The combination of all these details is going to make us opt for one artificial light source or another.





La Escuela de Decoración


Lazareno Studio


2.Using not suitable colors in the wall
The colors we choose for the walls of our flat or house have to go according to the whole decoration, our personal style and with the own characteristics of the housing itself.
If the room we are painting is little, avoid using dark colors if you don’t want the room to seem even smaller. Opt for bright colors for giving more light and a sensation of breadth and clarity.
For the child’s bedrooms choose pastel shades that will relax and calm them.



Decoración 2




Impactos Perú


3. Photos yes, but without abusing
We might avoid overburden walls and furniture with frames and photos if we don’t want the room to seem smaller. A solution is to hang some big photos in a wall or hang them in an original way such as in a board for drawing attention and highlight among the other elements.

Con Botas de Agua


Desde My Ventana


Loco Deco


4.Using too many big wardrobes
Sometimes, the lack of storage space in our house makes us fall in the mistake of choose too big wardrobes. Contrary to what can seem, bigger wardrobes is not a synonym of more order or a better disposition.
Sometimes you only need to add a drawer or order the content of the wardrobes in boxes for winning space.







5.Making a mistake at the time of combining
Our house does not have to form a homogeneous set in which all the spaces follow the same line. If we are bolder and we like to innovate, we can mix more than one decoration style even in the same room. However, if we opt for combining different styles, we have to look for some harmony in the colors, materials, shapes or prints.

Casas que Inspiran


Casa y Diseño


Inspira Hogar


The Wow Decor

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